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Your task is to agree or disagree with my statements. T: You see there are many native animals in Australia. Оборудование: флипчарт по теме, презентация с сообщениями в ms power Point, антивирусная программа McAfee, карточки с кроссвордом,... Due to the popularity of television and video, theatre has lost its attraction. Чтение текста по учебнику. Now it has the population of about 350 thousand people. They look forwards to seeing an opera, a ballet, a comedy, a puppet show, a music or a variety show. Учащиеся работают самостоятельно, записывая ответы в тетради. The costumes are splendid! As far as New Zealand is concerned, it has few native animals. T: Unlike other English-speaking countries Canada has two official languages. The koala P 3,will you tell us a few words about this interesting animal? The singing did impress me greatly! Урок-ролевая игра по теме: Моделирование в Excel. Population of outback: 100 thousand. What new information have you learned today? Then you will change the information. Lawrence River, from Montreal to the Gulf of St. People can talk to doctors by radio, and in an emergency a doctor comes to them by plane. The Murray, the Darling 8. Canada also has large rivers: the Mackenzie, the Yukon, and the St. Разместите кнопку на своём сайте: lib. The Royal Opera House Covent Garden - the home of a national opera and ballet; has a permanent staff of artists. But all sentences are separated. Actors from the skin crawl out to be like gentlemen and gentlemen are doing their best to look like actors! Lawrence River, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, the Governor-General, Quebec. T: From that time life has greatly changed in Australia. How long does the kiwi hatch the egg out? The Maori people 10. Teacher: You have learned a lot of interesting information today and have got a lot of different impressions and now your task is to create Web- page using the knowledge you have got.

The sheep stations are very big, and children often ride motorbikes and drive cars.

This Phantom had great power over her and guarded her carefully. The koala sleeps in a fork of a tree for most of the day and moves about and feeds at night. Учащиеся составляют Word-Web на компьютерах a 4. Ottawa Контроль выполнения задания проводится устно. The people living in that country are fond of baseball, football, volley-ball, ice-hockey, tennis and other games. Учитель показывает картину с изображением этого животного. Они записаны на табличках, которые прикрепляются демонстрируются на... Koala lives in lightly wooded areas containing suitable food. Teacher: I think you will have a chance today to visit one of the famous theatres of the world with a help of the Internet. МОУ «Канашская средняя общеобразовательная школа» Шадринского района Курганской области.

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In has no tail, almost no wings, and its nostrils are situated near the end of its bill which is used to find food.
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As they say : Life is Theatre and We All are Actors in It.
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The people living in that country are fond of baseball, football, volley-ball, ice-hockey, tennis and other games.
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Pupil1 : Analyzing these opinions I can state that people have different tastes: some like operas very much, because the music is usually marvelous.

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